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Quality certification

All the processes of AUNO’s products from production of raw material, delivery, storage, processing, and export are certified and safe.
Organic processed food: Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs
Organic processed food

The certification system of organic processed food evaluates the material and manufacture process of the processed food by a certified authentication agency acknowledged by National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service. Only the product that meets the legal standard can use the certification logo and organic(agricultural) name. It is difficult many times to find the authenticity of organic processed food only with the final product analysis. The certification system where a trustworthy third party agency evaluates the manufacture process protects both consumers and manufacturers by increasing the reliability of the organic mark. Visit the website of Environmentfriendly Agricultural Products Certification(www.enviagro.go.kr)for certification information of organic processed food

ISO 22000

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System is a voluntary food safety management system which prevents and manages hazardous elements of food that can occur at the workplace. ISO 22000 is an international standard applicable by every person concerned inside the food supply chain. As the core elements to guarantee food safety over the entire food supply chain, mutual communication, system management, PRP’s, and HACCP principles are applied. ISO 22000 includes seven principles and 12 procedures of HACCP based on ISO 9001 Quality Management System. An organization can achieve both food safety and continued performance improvements through the integration between the two systems.


HACCP system is the systematic regulations to supply safe and clean products to consumers by scientifically analyzing the situation where biologically, chemically, and physically hazardous elements may be created and blocking the conditions where hazardous elements can arise in the process of food production. HACCP is a scientific hygiene management system to secure food safety with the voluntary, systematic, and effective management by investigating hazardous elements that may occur in each stage from raw materials of food through manufacture, processing, preservation, distribution, and cooking to the prior stage of the intake of the final consumer, and determining the main management point to focus on their management. HACCP has been acknowledged as the most effective and efficient food safety management system in the world. Codex, WHO, and FAO fully encourage to apply HACCP to all food.


Food and Drug Administration(FDA) is an agency under Department of Health in the U.S. which regulates the management over food and pharmaceuticals. It is the world’s most reliable control, management, approval, and inspection institution that sets down the rules in various areas from enactment regulation, nutrient standard, medicine, vaccine, medically related goods, blood products, medical equipment, radioactivity measurement device, and cosmetics.