The Best Way for One - AUNO

Return Society Policy

We will take the lead in making a fragrant society that is sweet like sugar and warm like coffee.

There are neighbors who need our help desperately around us. The return to society policy is AUNO’s heart to create a society where everyone lives together.
We have many shorts as a company to start but we promise to return a part of profits to society and become a role model of a good, honest, and right company.
The return to society policy will save 2% of profits and return the rest to society to share the joy of sharing with everyone.
We will open the history of saving of the amount returned to society via our website and blog. The returned saved money will be used for a good cause as a direct help for our neighbors in need through your personal recommendation.
This will go through a notarial procedure to be institutionalized to have a legal effect as well as words.
Dear our family. Let’s make a warm society where everyone can live together.
AUNO will be at the center.