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Are you spending money for nothing?

We vaguely know too much sugar is not good and think “What could be wrong if we eat a moderate amount of sugar?”
Most people indecisively think sugar is made by processing natural sugarcane but doesn’t know in detail if it is good or bad for our health.
They don’t know at all sugar is an “empty nutrient” like heroin which absorbs good nutrients like vitamin or calcium and sends them outside the human body.
Thus, when this refined carbohydrate gets inside the body, it composes with the previous nutrients and is excreted in the urine making people powerless.
When we eat food, it is broken down in our gut and liver, while necessary nutrients compose and maintain the physical balance. However, sugar doesn’t have this process. It is absorbed into the stomach directly like drinks and increases the blood-sugar level and breaks the balance causing chaos in the body.

Harms of refined sugar

Let’s know about organic sugar before eating!

The only difference of organic sugar is that the material sugarcane is grown by organic farming.

That is! What’s important is not how sugarcane, the raw material of sugar, is grown but how it is processed. Is all sugar grown in organic farming good for our body? The answer is “No.”
Whether it is chemical or eco-friendly, refinement of sugar to have raw sugar, the raw material of sugar, is the biggest problem. No matter how well it is grown in organic farming, the extraction of sugar only will destroy mineral, vitamin, and fiber and only useless fat, saturated fat, and hardened oil are left. Sugar left in the body after hyperingestion is saved as glycogen in the liver and becomes the cause of obesity when it is accumulated and makes a fatty liver.

If syrup is separated by centrifugation, almost all the nutrients are lost although it doesn’t go through the refinement process. Most of organic sugar have the particles of general sugar after going through centrifugation and the refinement process for mass production. However, organic non-refined sugar without centrifugation is in the form of powder a little coarser than flour. If you want good sugar, pick the “organic non-refined sugar without centrifugation”.

There is AUNO MINERALSUGAR as organic non-refined sugar without refinement and Okinawa black sugar, non-refined sugar without organic certification.
Be careful of the fake, exaggerated, and overstated ads in the name of “organic sugar”, “non-refined sugar”, and “sugarcane sugar” in many distribution channels and online.

When you buy good sugar, check “particle” and “nutrients” more rather than “organic sugar”, “non-refined sugar”, and “sugarcane sugar.”