About AUNO

The Best Way for One - AUNO

Introduction of CI/BI

CI, Meaning of symbol mark

As a compound word which means the Spanish alphabet A and number 1, it has the meaning of “the first” and “best”.AUNO’s CI which has the meaning of “combining into one” simplified A and number 1. The font and the symbol are round in the meaning of a community, and the end of the symbol is expressed sharply to show irreconcilable corporate philosophy and stubbornness.

Color system

C:21 / M:97 / Y:91 / K:0

It symbolizes the healthy passion of AUNO..

C:98 / M:95 / Y:40 / K:6

It symbolizes the healthy passion of AUNO.

The arrangement of AUNO’s identity colors red and navy blue symbolizes the authentic and strong reliability.

AUNO Pattern

AUNO’s liberalism and lightness are presented in the South American style. It is AUNO’s representative image pattern filled with the each meaningful element inside.